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Honey from a Weed

By Patience Gray

Published 1986

HONEY from a Weed is a written proof of my affection for Tuscans, Naxians, Catalans, Apulians, among whom we have lived and worked — though they will never read it.
As far as cooking is concerned I acknowledge my debt to Irving Davis in the chapter ‘Homage to a Classic Cook’. But I have also been urged on, challenged, by expectant friends — notably Wolfe Aylward, Jean Delpech, and by a ‘Master of the Roast’, the artist Helmut Dirnaichner, whose culinary prowess is indistinguishable from art.
I am in debt to Ariane Nisberg whose bracing criticism some years ago spurred me to fresh exertions. My gratitude to Alan Davidson — a St George in action — defies expression. He rescued my typescript from oblivion. By combining comment with encouragement, he inspired me to complete the work, and guided me through the kaleidoscopic changes of plant nomenclature.