Salads and Salad Dressings

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Lighter, Quicker, Better: Cooking for the Way We Eat Today

Lighter, Quicker, Better

By Richard Sax and Marie Simmons

Published 2000

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To Us a Salad can be Anything from sliced ripe tomatoes with olive oil to a toss of baby greens with oil and vinegar, to a mélange of cooked lentils, green peas, celery, and scallions with vinaigrette. We like salads cool and crisp in the summer, but we also like salads served warm or at room temperature, any time, any season.

Salads made with potatoes, beans, pasta, or rice and other grains are especially good when served warm or at room temperature. Usually we prepare such salads by tossing the warm, just-cooked main ingredients with chilled raw vegetables. Leftovers, of course, should be refrigerated, but remember to let them stand at room temperature to take the chill off before serving. Most important, take a taste and correct the seasonings to brighten the flavor.