Fish and Shellfish

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Lighter, Quicker, Better: Cooking for the Way We Eat Today

Lighter, Quicker, Better

By Richard Sax and Marie Simmons

Published 2000

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The Fish Picture Has Changed dramatically in the last two decades or so. For many people fish was ritualistic on Friday nights. For Marie’s family that sometimes meant spaghetti with homemade clam sauce or fish ovenbaked in tomatoes. In Richard’s family fish was rarely served, although he always asked for it broiled “with crumbs on top,” after eating it that way at a friend’s house when he was about six years old.
Fresh fish was relatively rare then. Today the picture is very different. Improved air freight and the efficient handling of fresh products from around the world, flash-freezing methods that provide fish fresher than any but just-caught, and the emergence of profitable fish farms have made an impressive array of fresh fish available in our markets each day.