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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Assistant Designer: Debby Curry
Editor: Candida Frith-Macdonald
Editorial Assistance: Penny Price & Jean Maund
Production: Chris Gibson

Firstly I must give credit to all the mycologists who have made this book possible. Dr Derek Reid looked at a very great number of my specimens and verified the identifications; Ronnie Rayner oversaw the earlier work on Russula and Lactarius. For the new volume I have had an enormous input from Geoffrey Kibby, and I am greatly indebted to Alick Henrici for for his detailed work on the current taxonomy of the Basidiomycetes and Dr Brian Spooner of Kew for his work determining and updating the Ascomycetes.

To collect the fungi needed for the 1,200 photographs in this book, I calculate that more than 35,000 actual specimens have passed through my hands over the last 30 years. This has only been possible through the help enthusiastically given to me by mycologists in the field. Firstly, I would like to thank Ted Green, who has given up so much of his time, energy and skill to the project. Geoff and Jenny Stone, Malcolm Storey, Audrey Thomas, Irene Palmer, and Joyce Pitt also must have a special mention, and Nicky Foy for her continued support and tireless help in the field during all my travels.

Among the others who have helped me in one way or another are: Buck McAdoo, Susan Alnut Dede and Roland, Claire Appleby, Beverley Behrens, Rod Bevan, Bert Brand, Alan Christie, Beverly Clark, Malcolm and Marjorie Clark, Ray Cowell, Jenny Deakin, Vincent Demoulin, R. Evans, Sheila Grant, Margaret Holden, F. Bayard Hora, Bruce Ing, Richard Jennings, Paul Kirk, Stephan Koepf, Joy Langridge, Alan Lucas, Marie Mann, Jack Marriott, A. Newton, Mary Oubridge, John Palmer, Bobby Phillips, Cathy Phillips, Ian Phillips, Philip Phillips, Simon Plant, José Putsch, Mervyn Rayner, Martyn Rix, George Taylor, Shimon Tzabor, Roy Watling, Jo Weightman, John and Jean Williams, Mike and Jean Woolner.

The following institutions have been invaluable:
  • The British Museum (Natural History)
  • The British Mycological Society
  • The Nature Conservancy Council
  • The North American Mycological Association
  • The Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh
  • The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
  • The Société Mycologique de France