Low sugar

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The New Vegetarian

The New Vegetarian

By Colin Spencer

Published 1986

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Try to avoid sugar. It is an ‘empty’ food, and a main contributory factor in obesity, which can lead to heart disease. It is also linked with diabetes and, of course, causes dental caries.
Excess sugar is bad for you. There is little difference between the white, refined sugars and the brown – demerara, soft brown and raw cane have a tiny amount of minerals, but nutritionally that will make no difference to the diet. Honey, syrup and molasses are little better either.
The only exception is fructose, or fruit sugar. Although actually sweeter than ordinary sugar (sucrose), fructose is absorbed much more slowly by the body, and so doesn’t affect blood sugar levels quite so sharply. And since it is so much sweeter, you can use less.