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Ingredients Metric US Volume
Alcohol syrup 1500 g 53.9 oz cups
Couverture, tempered, for dipping 240 g 8.5 oz 1 cup
1740 g 62.4 oz Yield: 120 Pralines

1 Warm a funnel dispenser by placing it upside down over the pot so that the heat rises up to warm it or by using a torch. Pour the alcohol syrup into the funnel to dispense into the molds.

2 Dispense the syrup into each imprinted cavity of the starch powder.

3 As soon as all the cavities are filled, sift additional starch powder over the tray to fully cover the base of each shape. Let the tray sit for 24 hours without turning.

4 After 24 hours, carefully remove the pralines from the starch. The starch can be reused after removal of the pralines, if desired, and should be kept dry if it will be used again.

5 Carefully brush off the excess powder. Make sure to do this away from the other pralines so that if one of the pralines breaks, it will not wet the other pieces.

6 Cover the pralines in the couverture by enrobing them or dipping them in couverture using a dipping fork.

7 Let set overnight at room temperature.

8 Store in an airtight container at 57° to 61°F/13.9° to 16.1°C in a dark, dry place.

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