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Another way to add color and a nice finish to a showpiece is by spraying the piece with a mixture of cocoa butter and chocolate. While the technique is similar to airbrushing, it utilizes a larger spray gun, available at any hardware store. The cocoa butter–chocolate mixture can be made from dark, white, or milk chocolate, and any color cocoa butter can be used. While 40 percent cocoa butter to 60 percent chocolate is the standard ratio, a higher percentage of cocoa butter should be used if the chocolate has a low viscosity. When combined, the mixture should have the same viscosity and appearance as oil.
  1. Combine chocolate and cocoa butter to thin the chocolate using a ratio of 40 percent cocoa butter to 60 percent chocolate. Table the mixture of cocoa butter and chocolate to temper.
  2. Warm the chocolate spray gun slightly in a low oven before using. The gun should be “hand warm,” approximately 98°F/36.7°C. Otherwise, the cold metal of the gun may cause the chocolate–cocoa butter mixture to firm up and block the nozzle of the spray gun.
  3. Shield the piece you will be spraying with acrylic or cardboard to protect the surrounding area. If you spray a great deal of showpieces on a regular basis, you may even want to build a spraying booth for this purpose.
  4. Fill the spray gun with the tempered chocolate–cocoa butter mixture. Test the gun by spraying onto a piece of paper first, and adjust the spray gun to achieve the desired flow. Once the gun has been adjusted as desired, spray the chocolate over the showpiece. It is very important to spray evenly over the entire piece, so that there is a consistent amount of spray covering every part of the showpiece.

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