Quick water bath: Method II

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The bottles of fruit and hot syrup or water should be put in the pan as in Method I, but the water in the pan should be warm and raised to simmering point in 25–30 minutes. The jars are kept in the simmering water for the time given in the chart, then removed for cooling as in Method I.
In Australia, you can buy a Fowler Kit for bottling fruit by either Method I or Method II above. The kit provides you with a large, lidded pan, fitted with a stand for the preserving jars, a thermometer for testing the water temperature, and a number of ‘Fowler’ preserving jars of different sizes. To preserve fruit with this kit use the chart on pp. 16–17, or follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You can also use the ‘Fowler’ jars (known as kilner jars in England) for Method III and Method IV below.