Moderate oven: Method V (liquid added before heating fruit)

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The oven should be set to give a temperature of 300°F/150°C/Gas Mark 2 after heating for 15 minutes (an oven thermometer is recommended) and this setting is used during processing.
Pack the fruit into warmed jars, fill to within 1in/2.5cm of the top with boiling syrup or water and adjust the rubber rings and lids. Screw-bands should not be put on until after processing. Position the jars 2in/5cm apart on a baking sheet lined with newspaper, and place it in the central part of the warm oven. Process for the time given in the chart, calculating the capacity of the jars as in Method IV. As soon as the jars are taken from the oven, put on any screw-bands and tighten at once.