Onions, Shallots and Garlic

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Only store well-dried bulbs from which the leaves have withered at the base. Small onions, or those not likely to keep long can be used up in pickles and chutneys. If the weather is wet, spread out the bulbs in a single layer in a shed or dry empty room until dry. Large onions may be tied together round the dry stems and hung in small bunches. They may also be hung in nets, or spread out in boxes in a single layer, but it is very important to keep them well ventilated or they will start to sprout. It is also possible to plait them together in long strings, or put them into an old clean nylon stocking, knotting the top when it is full.
Garlic should be dried and rubbed clean, and may be kept in the kitchen in a small wire basket, or plaited into a long string. Shallots are best netted or kept in wire baskets in the kitchen where they are easily accessible, but they should be kept away from dampness, excessive steam or warmth.

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