Root vegetables

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Beetroot, carrots, turnips and swedes can all be stored in boxes or clamps (see Potatoes) well protected from frost and from mice. Long-rooted beetroot store best. Lift the vegetables in dry conditions, and rub off excess soil without damaging the roots. Twist off green tops and be sure all vegetables are sound.

Pack into boxes in layers with dry sand or wood ash in between to prevent shrivelling or frost damage and store in a dry shed or cellar. If the store is very dry, damp down the floor occasionally to help keep the vegetables in good condition. Complete darkness is essential for keeping these roots well.
If there is no shed, and no cellar in the house, the vegetables may be placed in boxes on boards standing on rafters in the roof, with the boxes covered with old sacking or several layers of crumpled newspapers. Cellars should be well ventilated, and if the floor is at all damp, it is wise to raise boxes on bricks.

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