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Curds are creamy fruit mixtures made with fresh fruit, eggs, butter and sugar which have a short storage life, but which can be frozen to extend this life. They are best made in small quantities and packaged in small jars (for cupboard storage – 2 months) or small freezer containers (6 months). Curds should be made with cube or caster sugar and unsalted butter, together with fresh fruit and eggs. The beaten eggs are best strained before adding to the mixture to give a smooth texture. Curds should be cooked in a double saucepan or in a bowl over hot water, and the cooking heat should be low. The mixture must be stirred well during cooking and will be creamy and coat the back of a spoon when ready. Curds thicken as they cool. They are delicious for tart and cake fillings and spreads, or may be used as sauces for ices or puddings.

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