Pastry and pies

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The Farmhouse Kitchen

The Farmhouse Kitchen

By Mary Norwak

Published 1991

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Three types of pastry were most commonly used in farmhouse cooking. Shortcrust pastry which is a simple mixture of fat, flour and water; puff pastry which is a richer mixture of fat and flour ; and hot-water pastry made with fat, flour and hot water. The latter was used for meat, game and a few fruit pies, and used to be moulded over a wooden shape or over a clenched hand, but is now more commonly cooked inside a metal mould or cake tin.

Huff paste was made as a covering for baking joints of lamb, pork, ham and venison, rather as we use foil today. It was usually made with flour and water, but venison huff paste also contained fat. This paste kept the meat moist, but it was not usually eaten, being discarded into the hen bucket.