General Rules

Appears in

The Settlement Cook Book

By Lizzie Black Kander

Published 1903

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All measurements are level. For directions.

Bring all materials to the work table.
The measuring cup should hold ½ pint.
Sift flour and dip it with spoon or scoop into cup.
When measuring by the spoonful, pick up a heaping spoonful, run the back of a knife along the bowl of spoon and level off the top.
Divide level spoonful through the middle lengthwise for ⅓ spoonful.
Always sift baking powder with flour.
Use pastry flour and granulated sugar.
Grease pans with unsalted melted fat; then dredge with flour, invert, and shake the pan to remove superfluous flour. In filling pans have the mixture come well to the corners and sides of the pans, leaving a slight depression in the center, that cakes may bake flat. Cake pan should be filled nearly two-thirds full if the cake is expected to rise to the top of the pan.