To Test Oven for Cake

Appears in

The Settlement Cook Book

By Lizzie Black Kander

Published 1903

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For Moderate Oven. A piece of soft yellow wrapping paper should burn golden brown in 5 minutes.

For Hot Oven. Paper should burn golden brown in 4 minutes.

For Slow Oven. The paper should burn golden brown in 7 minutes.

Loaf Cakes with butter (cup cakes) require moderate oven; Layer Cakes, hot oven; and Sponge Cakes, slow oven.
If cake is put in too cool an oven, it will rise too much and be of very coarse texture. If too hot, it browns and crusts over the top before it has sufficiently risen. If, after the cake is put in, it seems to bake too fast, put a brown paper loosely over the top of the pan, and do not open the oven door for 5 minutes at least; the cake should then be quickly examined and the door carefully shut, or the rush of cold air will cause it to fall. Setting a small dish of hot water in the oven will also prevent the cake from scorching.