To can Vegetables

Appears in

The Settlement Cook Book

By Lizzie Black Kander

Published 1903

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Cook peas, string beans, beets, turnips, carrots, as for the table, in boiling water until softened so a fork can pierce them, remove from the fire, drain off the boiling water, and let cold, running water cool off and crisp the vegetables and drain again.
Pack them in hot, sterilized jars. Fill them to overflowing with water that has been boiled and cooled, add ½ teaspoon salt to each quart of water, adjust rubbers and seal, stand jars in steamer or wash boiler, the bottom of which has been protected by a rack. Surround them with cold water, cover the boiler, gradually bring to the boiling point and boil steadily from one to two hours, according to the recipes which follow. When cooked, the required time, tighten the covers and run some warm beeswax around the rubber. Set away in a cool place.