Seasonal Fruit Chart

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The Times Calendar Cookbook

By Katie Stewart

Published 1977

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Oranges and apples can be bought throughout the year. Seasonal fruits can add more variety and interest to your cooking, so make good use of them.
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Apricots The first apricots in are firm and hard. Bake them in a slow oven with brown sugar and, honey, serve with cream. Serve stewed with ice cream; use in tarts, pies, crumble.
Blackberries Use in mousse or pie with apples. Make blackberry fool or blackberry sauce.
Cherries Best served fresh for dessert. Use in pies or fruit salad.
Cranberries Use for sauces or stuffings; also make’ marvellous pies.
Currants, red, black Blackcurrants freeze well. Make into pies or use in summer compote or summer pudding. Both types make good ice cream.
Damsons Serve stewed with cream. Use for pies or crumble. Pickle for use with cold meats.
Gooseberries First in are the hard green ones; use for jams and jellies, gooseberry pie, crumble, mousse, or cobbler. Later dessert varieties can be served raw.
Greengages Short season. Stew or bake with brown sugar and lemon juice, serve hot or cold with icecream.
Loganberries Very short season. Serve fresh with sugar and cream.
Peaches Serve fresh with cream, or skinned and sliced in sugar syrup with brandy added., Pickle peaches for Christmas.
Pears Picked in autumn and sold from store through to the beginning of the year when imported varieties take over. Serve fresh with Camembert cheese; poached with lemon; cooked in red wine; hot with sugar and cream; in open flans; in fruit salad.
Plums Bottle or freeze plums for later in the year. Serve in plum pie, cobbler, crumble; fruit salad.
Raspberrles Serve fresh with sugar and cream. Use for pies, summer fruit compote, fruit salad. They freeze well.
Rhubarb Delicate pink sticks of forced rhubarb appear early in the year. By April garden rhubarb appears. Use both in pies and crumble, or stew with orange juice added.
Strawberries Serve fresh with sugar and orange juice or cream. Add to fruit salad or hot fruit compote. Serve in raspberry purée; make sauce for ice cream.