Seasonal Fish Chart

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The Times Calendar Cookbook

By Katie Stewart

Published 1977

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Most fish can be bought all year round but there are some months when they are of better quality and more plentiful than others and it is these that are shown.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Brill A flat fish like turbot but smaller in size. Poach whole in a court bouillon and serve like turbot. Or cook fillets according to your favourite recipe for sole.
Carp Soak in salt water before cooking. Then poach in court bouillon and serve with, horseradish sauce. Or stuff and bake.
Cod Bake steaks of cod with parsley and lemon stuffing, or coat pieces of cod fillets in batter and deep-fry. Use cooked flesh in made-up dishes like fish pie.
Crab Fresh cooked crab is delicious in salads or sandwiches. Crab meat also makes a delicious quiche for supper parties.
Crayfish Flesh similar to lobster but crayfish have no claws. Serve cooked and bold for salads.
Dab A small fish which is ideal for cooking whole. Very good grilled with parsley butter. Treat as plaice.
Haddock Poach or grill cutlets. Or poach haddock fillet and serve with butter sauce. Use cooked flesh in made-up dishes. Smoked haddock makes delicious soup, kedgeree and lovely cold mousse.
Hake Grill cutlets and serve with cheese topping. Or poach fillets and serve with anchovy sauce. Use flesh in made-up dishes. Treat like cod.
Halibut Grill steaks and serve with butter or poach steaks and serve with beurre blanc sauce. Has firm flesh which is very good cold – delicious with mayonnaise or in salads.
Lobster Delicious flesh, use cooked and cold in salads. Also excellent with curry mayonnaise. Or hot in Newburg sauce or for Lobster Thermidor.
Mackerel Whole mackerel can be grilled. Also good poached in wine and served cold. Mackerel fillets can be fried and then served with gooseberry sauce. Also good soused.
Mullet Red mullet is plentiful in summer – grill or bake in butter paper envelopes. Grey mullet is best in autumn – can be grilled or stuffed and baked.
Mussels Best in winter months. Steam and serve with wine sauce or stuff open shells with garlic butter and serve hot. Also lovely for soups. Excellent egg-and-breadcrumbed, deep-fried and served with tartare sauce.
Oysters Eat raw with lemon and brown bread and butter. Can also be egg-and-breadcrumbed and shallow-fried.
Pike Can be stuffed and baked whole or cut in steaks and grilled or fried. Cooked flesh is used as ingredient for quenelles.
Plaice Egg-and-breadcrumb fillets and fry in butter. Or poach in wine and serve in sauce.
Salmon Bake large cuts wrapped in buttered foil or poadi in court bouillon and serve hot with hollandaise sauce. Also good cold with mayonnaise. Use cooked salmon pieces in potted salmon or in salmon quiche.
Salmon trout Also calle d seatrout. Small fish can be grilled. Bake larger ones wrapped in buttered foil. Serve hot or cold with mayonnaise.
Scallops Poach in wine and serve in sauce using shells as containers. Can also be egg-and-breadcrumbed and fried, when they are good with chilled anchovy butter.
Skate Poach pieces in court bouillon and serve with capers or black butter. Skate has firm flesh that is also delicious in cold salads.
Sole Grill whole fish on the bone and serve with parsley butter. Fillets can be fried ‘meunière’ or poached and served with various sauces. Cut into small pieces, sole is delicious egg-and-breadcrumbed and fried for ‘goujons’.
Sprats Nice deep-fried. Can also be grilled.
Trout Flour whole fish and fry in butter and serve with browned almonds. Or poach in wine with tarragon and serve in cream sauce. If very fresh, trout can be poached and served ‘blue‘.
Turbot Very delicious white flesh. Grill or fry turbot steaks. Or poach and serve with hollandaise sauce.
Whitebait Flour and deep-fry. Serve with lemon and brown bread and butter.