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Welcome to Claire's: 35 Years of Recipes and Reflections from the Landmark Vegetarian Restaurant

Welcome to Claire's

By Claire Criscuolo

Published 2014

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In the vegetable world, color is usually power. The deeper the color, the more powerful the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants—that is, with one delicious exception: cauliflower. What this creamy white vegetable lacks in color, it makes up for in healthful nutrients. It contains a terrific amount of vitamin C and a good amount of iron, and because it’s a cruciferous vegetable, researchers associate it with potential for cancer prevention.
There are hybrid varieties of cauliflower in vivid colors of orange, green, and purple, but they’re far less available than the more familiar creamy white variety, and that’s a pity. The orange and green varieties contain much more vitamin A than the white. And the hybrid purple cauliflower gets its deep color from the same antioxidant that produces the red in red cabbage and the red in red wine, and thereby it offers similar health benefits.