Rick Rodgers

Rick Rodgers

Cookbook author

Rick Rodgers is an award-winning cookbook writer and culinary instructor. An author of over forty diverse books, Rick co-authored Sarabeth’s Kitchen and The Model Bakery Cookbook and edited The Baker’s Dozen Cookbook. Rick often works behind the scenes as a consultant for entertainment figures, celebrity chefs, and corporations to develop their cookbook projects, including over ten cookbooks for Williams-Sonoma. His recipes have appeared in a number of publications such as Cooking Light, Men’s Health, Food and Wine, and many sites online, including Epicurious. He has also presented on television shows such as Today, CBS Good Morning, and Food Network Challenge. Winner of Bon Appétit’s Outstanding Cooking Teacher of the Year Award, Rodgers teaches sold-out cooking classes around the world (including Korea and France). You can learn more at www.RickRodgers.com.

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