Salt, Butter, Bones

Salt, Butter, Bones

by Nicole Pisani

from the publisher

Nicole Pisani - head chef at Ottolenghi's Nopi turned head chef at a London primary school - is one of the most exciting food talents around today. In this vibrant and beautiful cookbook she shares a treasured collection of recipes influenced by the many countries she's cooked in and the many chefs she's cooked with.

Salt. Butter. Bones celebrates what each of these ingredients represent: taste, flavour and the essence of everything. Every recipe explores bold flavours and innovative pairings and yet retains an elegant simplicity - by treating each ingredient with the reverence it deserves.

On top of chapters on fridge and larder staples; breakfast with friends; what to cook at the end of the day; and feasts to share with loved ones, Nicole explains some of the most innovative techniques in cooking today, ones that she developed during her many years as a chef in London's top restaurants, making them adaptable for home-cooking.

Innovative and evocative, Salt. Butter. Bones is a is a celebratory cookbook that captures the elegance of simple ingredients, written by one of the most dynamic, inquisitive chefs around.

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What more do you need to bring flavour to your table than these three ingredients, asks Maltese born Nicole? And she’s right. Her food is all about umami and taste. Having been head chef at Yotam’s restaurant, Nopi, she was unexpectedly offered a job cooking at a Hackney primary school. She accepted. From there she went on to start Chefs In Schools — a charitable initiative — that’s working to show that school dinners can (and must) be cooked with love, good ingredients and by cooks who know how important this one, single meal is to hundreds of thousands of kids. There’s not room in this review for more detail or political polemic but you know why she and her work is so important. Favourites from here inc. Smoked Monkfish with Kimchi and Lambs Neck with Aubergine Nam Prik.