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Mireille’s Complete French Cookery Course

Mireille’s Complete French Cookery Course

by Mireille Johnston

from the publisher

This is a combined volume of two books which accompanied the BBC television series, "A Cook's Tour of France", covering twelve regions of the country, including Provence, Brittany, Auvergne and Limousin, Normandy, Loire, Ile de France, and the North. The recipes incorporate starters, salads, meats, charcuterie, fish, sauces, desserts and home beverages, and there is a section on famous cheeses and how to put together a good cheese-board. Mireille Johnston offers advice on preparation, and suggests time-saving methods to help the busiest cook to enjoy both the creating and the sharing of a meal, whether it's with the family or a dinner-party for friends. As well as her own versions of familiar French dishes, she has included some recipes from both well-known chefs and ordinary family cooks.

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