The Dean and Deluca Cookbook

by David Rosengarten and Giorgio DeLuca

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Original Publisher
Random House
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Recommended by

Cheryl Cohen

Farmer's market organizer

The book that took me through stints in catering. Extremely useful, it contains a brilliant range of recipe categories, from spice blends and infused oils, through Cuban style fried calf's brains, the difference between cocido and feijoda, between a Kansas City and North Carolina barbecue sauce. Kimchi, ponzu, pizza dough, cassoulet. It's a roller coaster trip around the food world. When I made a tagine using their ras el hanout recipe, I received complements from Moroccan kitchen staff, which made me happier than complements from the people I was supposed to be cooking for.

Jill Dupleix

Food writer

How good is this book? It’s a definite desert island pick – you would need it to know what to do with everything that grew on the desert island, everything you caught from the ocean, and if you were stuck for a while on said island, you’d have such diversity of cultures and cuisines and flavours and tricks and treats to play with. A brilliant, open-minded, open-hearted view of the world of food. And I love that they didn’t bother with dessert. Really, who needs dessert?