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An American Taste of Japan

An American Taste of Japan

by Elizabeth Andoh


Publisher's Weekly credited award-winning author, Elizabeth Andoh's second cookbook with broadening "her standing as America's chief interpreter of Japanese cuisine". A bone fide expert, now with six cookbooks under her belt, Andoh studied traditional Japanese cooking in Tokyo before launching her own English language culinary arts program there teaching Japanese cuisine in 1972. In 'An American Taste of Japan', cooks will find delicious and acccessible recipes such as Potato Salad with Wasabi Mayonnaise and Tomato and Shiso Bisque that maintain the heart and soul of Japanese cooking while benefitting from Andoh's artful improvisation with Western twists.

from the publisher

"The details and clarity in this book come from a superbly gifted detail-person who has observed the masters plus invented new methods for the practical execution of her recipes. An en-tire restaurant could be built around An American Taste of Japan." —GEORGE LANG

"With her remarkable meticulousness and blend of East-West sensibilities, Elizabeth Andoh has brought Japanese cooking into the American kitchen for perhaps the very first time. This book is an inspiration to cook—every day!—a hitherto unap-proachable cuisine." —BARBARA TROPP Author of The Modern Art of Chinese Cooking

"Elizabeth Andoh, one of the most gifted and knowledgeable teachers of Japanese cuisine and culture, has created yet an-other brilliant book—bringing forth the concept of combining the cuisines of Japan and America in a truly innovative manner. The results are wonderfully delicious!" —JULIE SAHNI Author of Classic Indian Cooking

"Elizabeth Andoh's book is brimming with authority and detail. She chooses her recipes with great care; each, it seems, con-tains a tip, a technique, or a combination of ingredients that should expand permanently the repertoire of even the most seasoned cook." —BRUCE COST Author of Ginger—East to West

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