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Simply Delicious Meals in Minutes

Simply Delicious Meals in Minutes

by Darina Allen

from the publisher

There is no doubt that people have less and less time to spend in the kitchen. Even enthusiastic cooks often find themselves racing against the clock. In this kind of situation, a repertoire of fast, delicious and versatile dishes becomes an absolute necessity. This is something I have learnt myself, as my own life has become more and more hectic. Through experience, I have developed a survival kit which I am happy to pass on.' 'Every single thing in 'Simply Delicious Meals in Minutes' can be cooked within half an hour, and indeed often in far less time than that. If I do nothing else, I'm determined to prove that it is perfectly possible to rustle up a delicious meal in the same time that it might take to reheat a ready-prepared dish from the supermarket'

'Just because you are a busy, busy person, it doesn't mean you haven't the time to concoct something delicious to eat. There are well over a hundred recipes in this book alone to prove it - so have fun creating exciting meals in minutes.'

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