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The Complete Book of Caribbean Cooking

by Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz


The late author was a leading authority on Latin American and Caribbean cooking, and this scholarly yet readable book is a worthy introduction to the islands’ multitude of languages, cultures, and cooking styles. Techniques and ingredients are thoroughly covered, and the 400+ recipes are achievable in home kitchens outside the Caribbean.

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The recipes in this book come from islands all over the Caribbean... From Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua, Guadeloupe, Cuba, Haiti and the Virgin Islands come a wide range of colourful dishes tried and tested in the author's kitchen and carefully checked to ensure that the ingredients should be easily available in the shop or market. Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz has provided something for every taste from chicken calypso and Creole-style beefsteak to guava pie and coconut ice-cream. Throughout she shows that it is possible to re-create the richness and the subtlety, the delicacy and the variety of these wonderful tropical dishes.

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M. Evans and Company
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Cook the Caribbean

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Recommended by

Catherine Phipps

Food writer and author

There are many much more glamorous books on the Caribbean, but this one is like one of my oldest friends - it's travelled extensively with me and it was so well respected by everyone who looked at it that I had to buy extra copies as so many people wanted a "borrow". It's scholarly, but there is an undercurrent of dry humour running through it, and it gives a very good grounding on the food from the whole of the Caribbean, unlike most books which tend to be Jamaica, Trinidad or Barbados-centric.

Cynthia D. Bertelsen

Writer and food historian

Ortiz’s book might not really be complete, but it comes close. In Haiti, I used it to enlarge my repertoire beyond that island.