The Heart of Zen Cuisine

The Heart of Zen Cuisine

by Soei Yoneda

from the publisher

From the Sanko-in Temple in Tokyo comes this marvelously refined volume of shojin cookery. An artful combination of the freshest fruits, vegetables, and seaplants, shojin cuisine reflects the directness and simplicity of Zen life; yet it is healthful, elegant, and delectable enough to please the members of the Imperial family who historically used the temple as a personal retreat. Author and abbess Soei Yoneda has devoted years to studying the principles of shojin cookery, and in her deftly illustrated volume, she shares her remarkable culinary wisdom with you. Learn to prepare exquisitely light and seasonally varied vegetarian meals using: The Six Tastes - bitter, sour, sweet, hot, salty, and delicate. The Five Methods - boiling, grilling, deep-frying, steaming, and serving raw. The Five Colors - green, yellow, red, white, and black. A glossary of ingredients and list of Japanese tools will add to your knowledge. And the philosophical ruminations of the abbess will enhance your understanding of both the history and meaning of shojin cooking.

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