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Glorious Game

Glorious Game

by Ben Tish


Venison, rabbit, mallard, woodcook, grouse, hare, partridge, wild boar, quail, pigeon and even squirrel! With more than 100 game recipes from the UK's top chefs in this charity cookbook, there's no excuse not to explore the world of options beyond chicken, pork, beef or lamb. If you find game hard to come by, fear not – there are also several recipes for wild salmon. Featured chefs include Angela Hartnett, Adam Handling, Daniel Clifford, Martin Morales, Gary Usher, James Lowe, Jason Atherton, Jeremy Lee, Margot Henderson, Monica Galetti and Jun Tanaka.

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Glorious Game is a cookbook of delicious recipes from 101 of UK and Ireland's best-loved chefs and food writers.

We live in an age of climate change, sustainability, dwindling food sources and obesity. Game could help tackle these problems head on.

It's an incredibly healthy source of food and much leaner than farmed meats, due to the natural diets of the animals and their active lifestyles. There's no intensive farming and as game is mostly locally sourced, its carbon footprint is relatively small, with very few miles from 'nature to plate'.

The book includes a unique collection of recipes using the whole range of game, including many that are achievable for the home cook: everything from a simple but brilliant game sandwich to a classic venison Wellington. There are also more ambitious recipes requiring a fair bit of know-how, specialist kitchen equipment, a lot of time and advance planning.

All proceeds from this book will directly benefit The Moorland Communities Trust and The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust. Both of these organisations exist to protect and promote the rural way of life that enables game to thrive.

It's a simple fact that the more we get behind and support game now, the easier to obtain and more affordable it will become in the future.

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