Second Helpings: More tonight at 7.30

Second Helpings: More tonight at 7.30

by Kristen Frederickson

from the publisher

In this cookbook, we revisit the world of tonight at 7.30: one family’s life at the table. This world is the food, and the family, and the table, of Kristen, John, and Avery (plus many other familiar people and some very dear new ones). Here you’ll find recipes for everything from lobster grilled cheese to Icelandic honey-laced crisp fish, from Korean sloppy joes to mustard seed and turmeric fried potatoes, peanutty chicken parcels and eggplant salsa, salads of cauliflower, capers, and leeks, and pasta with saffron and cream. In second helpings there will be room for elderflower jelly with raspberries, chocolate cookies with sea salt, and clementine cake, not to mention a love affair with sourdough bread. Throughout are Avery’s gorgeous photographs and Kristen’s warm stories. Draw up a chair, pick up your fork and knife, and enjoy.

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