A Taste of City Harvest: Journeys of surplus food across a hungry London

A Taste of City Harvest: Journeys of surplus food across a hungry London

by Kristen Frederickson

from the publisher

100% of the proceeds to City Harvest of the sale of this book goes to feeding people. This beautiful volume tells the story of London food surplus charity City Harvest, co-founded in 2014 by Steve and Laura Winningham. City Harvest provides over 1 million meals per month in greater London, but the story isn't about numbers. The story is about people, the family around the table that makes up City Harvest. This family begins with the donors, through to the staff and volunteers at the warehouse that receives and distributes the incredible ingredients and meals, through to the people at the shelters, refugee centres, after-school groups, and community centres that receive the food. There are many metaphors that express the good that City Harvest has done for everyone involved - a heart, a web, a circle - and each one is appropriate to celebrate the simple solution that City Harvest has found to a very simple problem: how to find surplus food, and hungry Londoners, and bring them together. 100% of the proceeds go to City Harvest to further its work rescuing food, people, and planet.

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