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Spring and Summer Cooking with a Veg Box (Riverford Companions)

Spring and Summer Cooking with a Veg Box (Riverford Companions)

by Guy Watson


Guy Singh-Watson states in this brilliant book that "veg has the power to inspire real, bold change: through what we grow, how we grow it, and how you cook and eat it". With recipes like those found here - in the spring and summer edition to Riverford's veg box recipe collection - we just can't argue with that. Try Courgette and Halloumi Kebabs or Crushed Broad Bean Bruschetta.

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Enjoy an abundance of seasonal veg! Our recipe book, Spring and Summer Veg, the first in the Riverford Companion series, is the ultimate guide to cooking with a veg box. From practical tips on storing, preparing and incorporating more vegetables into your meals every day, to inspiring step-by-step recipes where seasonal veg is the star, this cook book is packed with ideas to increase your confidence in the kitchen.

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