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The Dessert Architect

The Dessert Architect

by Robert Wemischner

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The Dessert Architect is a guide to making multi-component plated desserts, a source of inspiration for pastry chefs and those in training. In its opening chapter, the book sets out to describe the characteristics of a successful dessert which satisfies the Four Cornerstones of Flavor, Texture, Temperature and Contrast and then follows with detailed information about a world of ingredients used in the contemporary dessert-making arena. Featured are tables for educational ingredient tastings and a grid of dessert components illustrating what each contributes to the successfully made dessert. At the core of the book are tips on creating a well-balanced dessert menu, how-tos about plating and detailed recipes for one hundred boldly flavored multi-part desserts based on the following categories: Fruits (seasonal, all year round, tropical/exotic), Vegetables, Nuts, Chocolate, Dairy, Coffee, Tea and Spices, and Grains. Suggestions for pairing beverages with the desserts, sources for ingredients and essential tools and equipment, web sites relevant for the pastry chef and information about continuing education opportunities round out the book. Full color photos of the completed desserts along with step by step process shots for some of the major techniques used in the recipes illuminate the book.

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Behind The Cookbook: The Dessert Architect

Behind The Cookbook: The Dessert Architect

Robert Wemischner is a pastry chef and culinary educator who for the past 18 years has taught baking and pastry at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. Robert’s long-standing interest in the flavor potential of ingredients culminated in The Dessert Architect, a text book designed to teach budding pastry chefs the fundamental building blocks and approaches which will allow them to freely express their creativity. We asked the author what led him to write the book…