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The Art of Cooking Omelettes

The Art of Cooking Omelettes


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For 65 years, Madame Romaine de Lyon ran a popular restaurant in midtown New York that served only eggs. But not just any eggs! Mme de Lyon, was a master omelette chef. The walls of her restaurant were covered with signed photos of famous customers, such as Joan Rivers, Mary Tyler Moore, Anne Bancroft, and Mel Brooks (who wrote the screenplay for The Producers at his regular table in the back of the restaurant).

Romaine's dedication to the perfect execution of the omelette and her expertise at her craft, spread her reputation well beyond New York City. Among the highest praise she received was from the ultimate cooking authority: the great Julia Child. During the omelette episode of The French Chef, Julia holds up a copy of The Art of Cooking Omelettes and recommends it to anyone interested in cooking exquisite omelettes.

The Art of Cooking Omelettes is Madame Romaine de Lyon's homage to the omelette and her life as a cook. It includes recipes for over 500 omelettes instructions that make these culinary works of art-the meals that made her restaurant so beloved-accessible to everyone. But The Art of Cooking Omelettes is more than a simple recipe book. It includes the charm and engaging stories of a master chef who came to this country with nothing an built a renowned restaurant. It is gem of a book for anyone interested in both fine cooking and writing.

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