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The Gaza Kitchen: A Palestinian Culinary Journey

The Gaza Kitchen: A Palestinian Culinary Journey

by Laila El-Haddad and Maggie Schmitt


Written by social activist Laila El-Haddad and writer, researcher, and translator Maggie Schmitt, this book captures the soul of a nation through recipes and food stories. The authors spoke to home cooks, farmers, fishers, and food producers, and they don’t shy away from the way that politics dominates life in Gaza, in and out of the kitchen.

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The Gaza Kitchen is a richly illustrated cookbook that explores the distinctive cuisine and food heritage of the area known prior to 1948 as the Gaza District – and that of the many refugees from elsewhere in Palestine who came to Gaza in 1948 and have been forced to stay there ever since. In summer 2010, authors Laila El-Haddad and Maggie Schmitt traveled the length and breadth of the Gaza Strip to collect the recipes presented in the book. They were also able to build on the extensive knowledge that Laila, herself a Palestinian from Gaza, had gained from family and friends throughout the years.

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