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The Food of India: A Journey for Food Lovers

The Food of India: A Journey for Food Lovers

by Priya Wickramasinghe


Sri Lankan born chef and author Priya Wickramasinghe writes with clarity and authority about India's complex history, including the influences that various religions and cultures have had on the country's cuisine, from Buddhism in the 6th century, to British and Portuguese colonialism from the 1600s onwards. The recipes, divided regionally, give an edible overview of India's culinary offerings.

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The team involved in the food of india had a real passion to create a definitive guide to real Indian food. . . .[and] travelled through seven Indian states. Along the way, they photographed food, talked to chefs, met food producers and researched ingredients and local history. This enabled them to write with first-hand experience about a country that has an astoundingly varied culinary history.

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The cooking of India

The cooking of India

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Jeremy Pang

Founder & Head Chef of School of Wok

I love the images and illustrations in this book. It really pushes your imagination to want to both travel to India and cook the dishes whilst doing so! I have also combined some of these recipes with my learnings from my mother in law (who is Indian) and have found that I can please a whole Indian family and that's saying something...