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What to Eat Now (Spring & Summer)

What to Eat Now (Spring & Summer)

by Valentine Warner


This book collates the summery recipes of Val Warner's BBC TV series into a jolly title of seasonal dishes. The book starts with 'four legs' with the likes of veal with morels, moving onto ‘plump birds’ - starring a delicious chicken, ham and leek pie - then onto sections on 'leaf, stem and root', and then ‘grains’. Tasty stuff.

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In 'What to Eat Now - Spring and Summer' Valentine Warner explores the ingredients and flavours of Spring and Summer food. As the cool early weeks of March turn into the lazy days of summer, the season's produce means cooking becomes quick & easy - and this book has many offering for simple lunches and suppers to suit throughout the summer. Containing over 100 delicious recipes that are simple to recreate at home, 'What to Eat Now - Spring and Summer' is the ideal companion to how we should be cooking today.

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Author profile: Valentine Warner

Author profile: Valentine Warner

Valentine Warner is a chef, author and TV presenter, who achieved acclaim for What to Eat Now, a pair of TV series which focused on cooking with the seasons. We are delighted that four of Valentine's cookbooks are now available in full on ckbk. In this author profile, Gabriella English speaks to Warner about his style of cooking and how it has developed.