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The Daily Mail Modern British Cookbook

The Daily Mail Modern British Cookbook

by Alastair Little and Richard Whittington


Alistair Little (British chef, author, and TV personality) puts together 100 effortless recipes that can be used in any kitchen. Alternatives to hard-to-find-ingredients and prepping advice for stress-free cooking make the recipes perfect for anybody, whether they’re beginners or masters in the kitchen.

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This unbeatable award-winning duo provide the ultimate food bible for the modern cook – the definitive volume which will be referred to again and again.

For four years Alastair Little and Richard Whittington collaborated on the Cookery Doctor column in the Daily Mail Saturday Magazine. As well as answering questions about traditional concerns, like why cakes sink and sauces curdle, they have used their column as a forum for readers whose culinary horizons are growing by leaps and bounds as the British food revolution proceeds apace. The authors relish debunking myths and jettisoning tired culinary cliches,delighting their readers with a truly cosmopolitan range of new ingredients and techniques, from Thailand and Mexico to Scandinavia and the Middle East.

While much of the material is based on their column it has been greatly expanded and reworked into book form, divided into chapters on Soups, Fish & Shellfish, Meat & Poultry, Vegetables & Salads, Desserts & Baking. Into over 700 informative entries are woven over 500 recipes, ranging from traditional favourites to the exotic and surprising. In addition , there is an invaluable Global Glossary and advice on stocking your kitchen for today’s eclectic style of cooking. The pages are peppered with hundreds of hints and tips at every turn.

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