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Moghul Cooking: India's Courtly Cuisine

Moghul Cooking: India's Courtly Cuisine

by Joyce P Westrip

from the publisher

The Moghuls are famous for giving India its greatest architectural monuments, for the refinement of their court and its arts - and, as this ground-breaking book shows, they also transformed the country's cooking. Duck with cherries, pomegranate soup, apricot-flavoured lamb, date halva: India's Moghul invaders revolutionised the cooking of the subcontinent by bringing from Muslim Persia a refined and sophisticated Middle Eastern cuisine and combining it with local spices and ingredients to produce some of the world's boldest flavour combinations and most exquisite recipes. 'Moghul Cooking' is not just a book packed with delicious dishes - it is also a fascinating contribution to our understanding of culinary history.

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