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Bake!: Essential Techniques for Perfect Baking

Bake!: Essential Techniques for Perfect Baking

by Nick Malgieri


Technique-focussed and packed with delicious things that you are going to want to make immediately, Bake! is a helpful route through many different styles of cakes, tarts and breads. Genoise Sponge Cake, Florida Brownies, Chocolate Pistachios Orange Cake, and Gruyère and Walnut Bread are among the highlights.

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After 30 years of teaching and 8 cookbooks, Nick Malgieri is finally writing the book he's meant to - a collection of 20 essential techniques, with 3 to 5 variations thereof - outlining the easiest way to learn the essentials of baking. The 20 chapters cover all the main techniques of fine baking, starting with simple pastry dough and moving through puff pastry and Danish pastry, all sorts of breads, cakes and biscuits. The 125 recipes will take all the intimidation out of baking and guarantee delicious savoury and sweet results.

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Nick Malgieri's Foolproof Holiday Cookie Checklist

Nick Malgieri's Foolproof Holiday Cookie Checklist

Nick Malgieri, baker and former executive pastry chef at Windows on the World, is the James Beard Award-winning author of numerous bestselling cookbooks which are now available on ckbk. With the holiday season approaching, we asked Nick to share his top tips for baking successful holiday cookies.
Author Profile: Nick Malgieri

Author Profile: Nick Malgieri

Nick Malgieri is a baking expert and a true master of his craft. He has a long line of bestsellers under his belt, many of which are available now, or coming soon on ckbk. We met Malgieri to look back on an exceptional career and find out how he was able to throw off the early trauma of writing and discover his own style.

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