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Anna's Family Kitchen

Anna's Family Kitchen

by Anna Stanford

from the publisher

Anna’s Family Kitchen is a fun family-friendly cookbook, which shares nutritious but minimal faff recipes with families across the country. Including more than 70 recipes, this book explores the variety of dishes you can bring to the table for any occasion. From lights bites to fakeaways and working smarter not harder in the kitchen, you can achieve fun and easy mealtimes every day. Written by Anna Stanford, a self-taught cook and mother of three, her debut book showcases the reality of family life, and how to achieve fun and easy mealtimes that aren’t all-consuming. Each recipe has been created to make the pressures of day-to-day cooking a little bit easier. Anna’s Family Kitchen includes tailored tips and tricks to assist families in cooking nutritional but tasty dishes. It features a dish for every occasion, from Light Bites & Snacks, Quick & Easy Weekdays, Weekends & Gatherings to Fakeaways, as well as the Cook Clever chapter which is full of useful hints and tips to save money, batch cook ahead of time and utilise your freezer to make sure you aren’t wasting food! Whether you have lots of mouths to feed or are just short on time during the working week, Anna’s recipes are accessible and appealing to everyone.

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