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Copenhagen Cult Recipes

Copenhagen Cult Recipes

by Christine Rudolph and Susie Theodorou


Co-author Christine Rudolph is Copenhagen-born and -bred and her insider’s perspective (and design sense) inform this study of the city’s food culture. The book includes recipes from chefs and food producers and explores Danish food traditions, from smoked dishes to festive foods. A book to make you fall in love with the city.

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Let Copenhagen Cult Recipes take you on a journey to the heart of Copenhagen's culinary traditions, to find out why the Danes embrace their food heritage so passionately and why their lifestyle continues to be adopted enthusiastically around the world. This cuisine is about traditional foods and locally grown ingredients; it's about keeping things simple and tasty, using fresh herbs and greens that are grown on rooftops and in window boxes, and small vegetable patches. It's this love of food and eating that amplifies 'hygge', the cosy atmosphere for which the Danes are famed - shared tables, outside eating, simple local produce, eaten in company. Iconic location shots and food photography showcase traditional dishes with a modern twist, together with recipes from some of the most contemporary restaurants Copenhagen has to offer.

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