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A Guide to Market Fruits of Southeast Asia

A Guide to Market Fruits of Southeast Asia

by Martha Dahlen

from the publisher

The more-than-80 fruits described here are among those found in Southeast Asian markets; they include both local varieties and imported, international favorites. The text includes a description of each fruit, hints on how to tell good (ripe) ones from the bad, the means of preparation (to peel or not to peel?), and then suggestions for use. Some are simply eaten raw, while many can be used in a variety of dishes, deserts and preserves, both sweet and savory. Occasionally, there is a specific recipe; more commonly, readers are referred to the general recipe section that follows this introduction. Here you will find recipes for a range of fruit products from sweet trifles to sweet-sour chutneys to more savory Asian salads.

Fruit lovers both in and out of Asia will find the information here useful, if not fascinating. Those living or traveling in Asia can actually try them. Those living elsewhere will have to wait, but as more and more of these exotic fruits are coming into Asian groceries, and as more and more Asian groceries pop up all over the world, that chance may be coming soon. For both readers, I wish you delicious adventures. Bon appétit!

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