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In A Straits-Born Kitchen

In A Straits-Born Kitchen

by Lee Geok Boi

from the publisher

A unique collection of iconic dishesfrom the Straits-born community, including Eurasians, Chetti Melakans, Indonesian Chinese, Malays and Indonesians that became family favorites through the generations. While researching the Straits-born community for this cookbook, Lee Geok Boi realized that the culinary delights typically classified as Peranakan were more than just Straits Chinese. They are also Eurasian, Chetti Melakan, Indonesian Chinese, Malay and Indonesian. The trove of salads, curries, soups, stews, kueh-kueh, cakes and biscuits are all found in the different branches of the Straits-born communities who were drawn to this island at the crossroads of world trade. They show the histories of exploration, economic imperatives and colonization that go back to the days of the Maritime Silk Road. Although there are differences, Straits-born cuisines share many common elements and dishes. Fragrant local roots and leaves, chillies originally from Central America, and spices from the famed Spice Islands and South and West Asia were ground up to prepare iconic dishes that became family favorites through the generations. Discover the rich history and unique culinary flavors of the Straits-born communities with Lee Geok Boi's In A Straits-Born Kitchen.

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