Consomme aux Pates Italiennes or Consomme a L’italienne or Con Somme aux Nouilles

Clear soup with Italian paste, Noodles, Spaghetti or Vermicelli


  • 1 qt. consommé
  • 1 tablesp. Italienne paste: bought in tiny fancy shapes or as fancy shaped macaroni; or macaroni or spaghetti or vermicelli or home-made noodles


Sprinkle the paste into the boiling consommé to allow it to cook before serving. Italian paste requires 3 min. boiling. Macaroni should be cut with scissors in ¼-in. rings after boiling for 20–30 min. in the consommé. Spaghetti should be cooked for 15–20 min. then cut into ¾-in. lengths. Break vermicelli into 1-in. pieces and sprinkle into the consommé 5 min. before serving.