Fried Sole

Cooking timeβ€”10 min.


  • 1–2 medium-sized soles
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 tablesp. flour
  • egg and breadcrumbs
  • deep fat for frying


Wash and skin the soles, cut off the fins, and dry well. Add a liberal seasoning of salt and pepper to the flour. Coat the fish with seasoned flour, then brush over with egg, and coat with fine breadcrumbs. Lower the fish carefully into the hot fat and fry until golden brown.

Soles may also be fried, though less easily, and sometimes less satisfactorily, in a large frying-pan. The oval form is preferable for the purpose; and in frying, care should be taken to cook first the side of the sole intended to be served uppermost, otherwise breadcrumbs that have become detached from the side first fried may adhere to the side next cooked, and spoil its appearance. Drain well on kitchen paper and serve garnished with fried parsley.