Baked Escallops


  • 4 large escallops
  • cider (optional)
  • 2½ oz. bacon fat or margarine
  • 2 oz. breadcrumbs (approx.)
  • 1 teasp. finely-grated onion
  • a little lemon juice
  • salt and pepper
  • grating of nutmeg
  • sprigs of watercress or parsley


Prepare the escallops. Separate the roes (orange tongue) and place in a casserole with just enough cider or water to prevent sticking and a shaving of fat on top; cover. Melt the rest of the fat, add sufficient breadcrumbs to give a moist texture, then add onion, lemon juice and seasoning. Cut the escallops in half horizontally; season. Cover the bottom of each shell with a thin coating of the breadcrumb mixture and place the fish on top. Coat with the remaining breadcrumb mixture. Bake shells and roes in a fairly hot oven (375° F., Gas 5) for 25–30 min. Serve each fish garnished with a roe and a spring of watercress or parsley.