Coquelles of Lobster


  • 1 boiled or canned lobster
  • mushrooms
  • butter
  • white sauce
  • salt and pepper
  • nutmeg
  • cayenne pepper
  • 8 baked shell-shaped pastry cases
  • fried breadcrumbs
  • parsley


Dice the meat of the lobster and put it in a saucepan with somechopped mushrooms and butter, allowing 8 mushrooms and ½ oz. butter to every ½ lb. of lobster. Heat, stirring all the time, until thoroughly hot, then moisten with white sauce. Season with salt, pepper, a little grated nutmeg and a pinch of cayenne. Keep the mixture hot so that it is ready for use when required. Warm the baked shells in the oven, fill them with the mixture and sprinkle over some fried breadcrumbs. Dish up on small plates and garnish with parsley.