Roast Turkey—with Chestnuts


  • 1 turkey
  • 2 lb. chestnuts
  • ½ pt. stock
  • 2 oz. butter
  • 1 egg salt and pepper cream or milk
  • 1–1½ lb. sausage meat or 1 lb. veal forcemeat
  • 2–3 slices bacon fat for basting


Slit the skins of the chestnuts, cook in boiling water for 15 min., then remove skins. Now stew chestnuts in stock for 1 hr.—drain and chop or sieve them. Add melted butter, egg, seasoning and sufficient cream or milk to moisten the stuffing. Fill the crop of the bird with the chestnut stuffing, and the body of the bird with seasoned sausage meat. Truss the bird for roasting. Cover the bird with bacon, roast in a moderate oven (350° F., Gas 4) until tender (allow 15 min. per lb. for a turkey weighing under 14 lb., and 12 min. per lb. for a turkey over 14 lb.). Baste well. Remove bacon towards end of cooking to allow the breast to brown. Remove trussing string, dish. Serve gravy separately.