Fruit in Jelly

Time (without ice)—3–4 hr.(with ice packed around the mould)—1 hr.


  • pt. very clear lemon jelly or wine jelly, using white wine instead of sherry and brandy
  • selected pieces of fruit, e.g. bananas, black and green grapes, tangerines, cherries, apricot, pineapple, etc.


Scald a metal mould, then rinse it with cold water. Cover the bottom with a thin layer of cool jelly (about in. thick). Avoid the formation of bubbles in the jelly by tilting the mould and placing the jelly in spoonfuls in the bottom. Leave to set. Cut pieces of fruit to suit the hollows and spaces of the mould, dip each piece into cold liquid jelly and set in place around and on the jelly layer. Leave to set and cover carefully with a layer of clear jelly. Allow to set. Repeat, taking care that each layer of fruit is quite firm before adding a layer of jelly—otherwise the fruit may be “floated” from its position. Fill the mould to the top.

When quite set, turn out and decorate with piped cream.