Orange Jelly Marmalade


  • 2 lb. Seville oranges
  • pt. water
  • juice of 2 lemons
  • 3 lb. sugar


Peel the oranges, remove the thick pith and shred finely 4 oz. of the rind. Cook the shreds in 1 pt. water, in a covered pan, until tender (approx. 1½ hr.). Meanwhile, roughly cut up the fruit and put it with the lemon juice and pt. water in a pan. Simmer for 2 hr., with the lid on the pan. Drain the liquid from the shreds, add it to the cooked fruit and strain it all through a scalded jelly bag. After it has dripped for ¼ hr., return the pulp to the preserving-pan and add 1 pt. water. Simmer for 20 min., then strain again through the jelly bag, allowing it to drip undisturbed. Pour the strained liquid into the rinsed preserving-pan, simmer a little if it seems rather thin, then add the sugar and stir over a low heat till dissolved. Add the shreds and boil hard until setting point is reached.